Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year and New Posts!!

I have found I am a terrible blogger, I think it is working all day on a computer and I have not figured out an easy way to get my pictures on here easy.  The phone takes to long aghh!

Kim, Debbie and myself went to a little Stamp show in Dallas a couple of weekends ago and I am now hooked on Zentangle, this cool doodling techniques, I am also very excited about taking a doodling class at the Paper Crown in OKC on Feb. 15.  Here's a look at some on my Zentangling!  What is so amazing is anyone can do this, I am terrible I thought, but I like this a lot it is fun and addictive!

I also love, love tags here is a cute one I did!!!

 I cannot wait to share my birthday gift from my precious husband and my birthday is not even until February but he spoils me a lot.  The month of February is called the "Month of Lisa" around here.  February is almost here  I cannot wait to see what else is in store,  if this is the beginning of the month of Lisa.
This little lady is Penelope I really think she is so so cute!!  I am very lucky.  See you all later, I will try to be better at my blog!